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Ms Pacman

All About Ms.Pacman

Ms. Pacman is a vintage arcade game that was produced by Midway. Ms. Pacman came about after the popular game Pacman. This version of the game was released in 1981 and quickly became one of the most played games of all time. The main difference between Pacman and Ms. Pacman is the fact that the main character is a female, instead of a male. There are also some new mazes in this version and minor changes in the game play.

Just like in Pacman, you get points when eating the dots and keeping away from ghosts. There is still the use of power-pellets that allows you to temporarily eat the ghosts for additional points.

There are a few notable changes in this version of Pacman. In Ms. Pacman, the walls are all filled in, instead of having the gaps. This allows you to see exactly where the trails are much easier. The ghosts also move differently. They are much more random, making the game much harder to beat. Instead of the fruits appearing in the center of the maze, the fruits bounce around the entire maze, sometimes even going through the tunnels.

The orange ghost is called Sue in Ms. Pacman, instead of being called Clyde like in the original version. Also, the intermissions between the levels are different; they discuss the relationship between Ms. Pacman and Pacman. This goes into how their relationship began, how they first met and even talks about when the stork dropped off their very first baby.

One of the most noticeable changes is the music. Ms. Pacman has a much different soundtrack that many people enjoy. It’s a nice change from the original.

Just like the original Pacman game, Ms. Pacman hast the glitch at level 256. Instead of the game continuing as it’s supposed to, when you get to level 256; a bunch of random symbols show up at the bottom of the screen and the right hand side. This makes it impossible to continue playing the game. This happens because the game can only handle seven fruit on the bottom of the screen at any given time. The level counter glitches at this time and tries to place 256 fruit at the bottom of the screen.

Overall, the game is basically the same, and offers a nice little change. Just like the original version, there has been a ton of money made from the merchandise related to this game.