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Perfect Pacman

A Perfect Pacman - A Perfect Game

A Perfect Pacman happens when a player receives the highest score on the first 255 levels of the game. You do this by eating all the dots you possibly can, every power pellet there was as well as every single enemy throughout each level without losing any lives and getting the highest score possible within the last level of the game (which is level 255). Technically, the game is never supposed to end but after level 255, the game glitches and the player is unable to finish out the game. When this happens, you will see a ton of random symbols on the lower part of the screen as well as on the right hand side.

According to the scoreboard of "Twin Galaxies International", the first person who achieved a Perfect Pacman was named Billy Mitchell. Billy lived in Hollywood, Florida and did so on July 3rd, 1999. He received a total of 3,333,360 points. The whole game took him about six hours to beat.

In September of the year 2009, David Race (from Beavercreek, Ohio) became the sixth person to get this high score. It only took him 3 hours and 41 minutes to do so. He got the record for the fastest time so far. His speed has yet to be beat to this very day. As I’m sure you can imagine; many people have tried to beat his score. If someone completes this feat, they are going to end up in the record books for sure.

The example that stands out the most to me, as well as many other Pacman players happened in the year 1982 to an 8 year old kid called Jeffrey R. Yee. He received a letter from the President for his worldwide record of 6,131,940 points. This score is only possible when you pass the "Split Screen" Level. This is the level I mentioned, where the game glitches. (It is still uncertain that this event actually occurred, but there have been many rumors about it on the net for years.)

In 1999, Billy Mitchell said he would pay a sum of $100,000 to anyone who was able to successfully pass the "Split Screen" level before the year of 2000. No one was able to do it by that time.

To this very day, there are still people who play Pacman on a regular basis and have competitions to see if they can beat the records of the past.

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