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All About Pacman

Pacman was developed by a Namco employee by the name of Tōru Iwatani. The whole game took him about a year to dream up and bring into reality. He began working on the game in April of the year 1979 and with the help of a team of nine men; he was able to come up with this game that has changed the way people play games forever.

No matter how many games come out and how much technology changes, this game still stands above them all with the most records and recognition. This is something that blows the many continuously over the years; as there are so many new games coming out all the time and technology getting better and better. With such simple graphics, it’s hard to believe this is still one of the most played games of all time and a game that can be simply recognized by over 94% of the population. Not many games have ever, or will ever; reach that kind of recognition.

The game began as a simple idea about a game related to eating and was originally going to be called Pakkuman. The name was inspired by the Japanese slang phrase "paku-paku taberu". In that phrase, ‘paku-paku’ stands for the sound of the mouth moving when it’s widely opening and closing time and time again. (As you know if you’ve ever played Pacman, this is exactly what the character Pacman does throughout the entire game)

Many people have said that the shape of Pacman was inspired by a pizza with a single slice missing (as did Iwatani originally) but in 1986 it was discovered that the character’s shape came from the Japanese character of mouth.

Wanting to appeal to a larger audience instead of just young children and teenagers, Iwatani decided to add the maze aspect into the mix and the cute ghost characters as well; giving the game much more depth and appeal. Once that was completed and changed, the game name was changed once again to Puck Man.

However, in late 1980; the game was picked up in the United States by Bally division named Midway and they decided to change the name once again, to Pacman. The reason for the name change is because they wanted to avoid people vandalizing the letter P, so they also changed the artwork in order to make this tougher for people to accomplish.

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